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Автор Тема: While Class Change is definitely the main feature of Diablo Immortal  (Прочитано 114 раз)

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Characters going through Class Changes Class Change will have placeholder equipment with a rank equivalent to the gear equipped by the character prior to the Class Change D2R ladder items, and gear worn by the prior variant of the characters will also be added within the inventory of the player. The players will be able to alter their appearance after making the changes, and Paragon points will also be reset. All clan or warband group affiliations will be carried over.

While Class Change is definitely the main feature of Diablo Immortal's latest update, there are new rewards and events that are also in the pipeline. An entirely new rewards track, The Hero's Journey is being added that will reward players with several items once they have overcome obstacles that increase in difficulty at greater Paragon levels. There's a plethora of new legendary items being added for each class which will focus on new power sources that can cause damages over time.

A brand-new event, known as"The Adventurer's Path, will have participants completing challenges to earn additional gold, inchanted dust, and other materials. The event will also include a unique portrait frame to be awarded when they complete 16 tasks and an iconic crest given to those the completion of 20 tasks. The event runs between July 20 and August 30. The Hungering Moon, Diablo Immortal's initial event that was limited to a certain time will be back between July 29 and 31.

Not to be left out, a new raid boss is coming to the Helliquary. Gorgothra the Claimer will be introduced on August 2. although Blizzard isn't revealing what Combat Rating players will need to be able to obtain in order to compete against the new boss.

Diablo Immortal, which is free to play, was widely criticized when it debuted in June, due to its various microtransactions as well as the "pay-to-win" legendary gem system Diablo 2 Resurrected buy items, yet it reportedly made more than $50 million during the first month. Blizzard hasn't yet responded to issues with how the game's revenue is generated.
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